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One more patient from Japan

About 2 weeks ago, we welcomed our 13th patient from Japan. The goal  of his visit is to become 12 cm taller.

The pre-surgical clinical and radiological examination revealed varus (“O”-type) deformity of both legs. In the first stage he successfully underwent the following surgery: lengthening over the nail (LON) of the left femur for 6 cm and lengthening with varus correction of the right tibia for 6 cm and then nailing (LATN) method.  In the second stage the same surgery will be performed  on the contralateral tibia and femur.

blog-legs-lengthening-over-the-nail-LON-patient-from-Japan-Armenia-ycllrAt the moment, he continues his outpatient treatment at a comfortable apartment. He is in the process of lengthening and works hard with the physical therapist every day.

Before discharging, he used to walk in the beautiful yard of the hospital.

On the photos, the patient is enjoying the fresh morning weather.