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23 y.o. patient with the constitutional short stature
Height: 165 cm
Country of residence:
Method: Cross-lateral tibia-femur lengthening by classical Ilizarov technique

Height increase_16cm_before Height increase_16 cm_osteotomy
Before the treatment
First surgery:
application of Ilizarov/hybrid frames and intramedullary wires on the right femur and left tibia.

Height increase 16cm_newly-grown-bone_tibia 
Newly grown bone                               

Height increase by 16 cm_in-the-process_1 Height increase by 16 cm_in-the-process_2
After the first period of lengthening

Height increase_16 cm_after
Second surgery: after 2 months of rehabilitation and restoration of joints range of motion the same procedure was performed on the right tibia and the left femur.

Result: the height was increased by 16 cm. Duration of the whole procedure included 2 sets of lengthening and rehab period 16 months.