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Unforgettable Day in Van Ardy Boutique Winery

height-lengthening-ycllrOn May 21, our team and 6 patients from Japan, who underwent a limbs lengthening surgery up to 13cm, visited Van Ardi winery. It belongs to an Armenian family who runs boutique winery located in the ancient winemaking region of Aragatsotn, Armenia.

cross-lateral-tibia-femur-lengthening-over-the-nail-lon-ycllrDuring the tour the guide told about the history of Armenian winemaking, their family history, how they take care of their vineyards and how they turn grapes to wine. As she mentioned, “It is a family project, and we just want to revive Armenian wine culture and remind everyone, that wine is a lifestyle.”

We all took pleasure in this interesting tour and enjoyed patio seating by tasting Van Ardi white, rose and red wines with food pairing.

limbs-lengtheneing-in armenia-ycllr