CLTFL by LATN Technique

Patient with constitutional short stature; 165 cm
Cross-lateral tibia-femur lengthening (CLTFL) by LATN technique
Country of residence: Japan

AF_Height_Increase_LATN_Technoque_Before_Treatmentbefore  AF_Height_Increase_LATN_Technique_CT Scan_Before_Treatment
Patient next to fellow A. Salamyan before the treatment

AF_Height_Increase_LATN_CT_Scan_In Process
CT scan in process of lengthening

AF_Height_Increase_LATN_Technique_After_Treatment  AF_Height_Increase_LATN_Technique_CT Scan_After_Treatment
Patient next to fellow A. Salamyan after the treatment

Result: CLTFL for 6 cm by LATN method
Duration: 4.5 months