Nenad, Croatia

I did 2 surgeries in Yerevan – Armenia.External Femurs and External Tibias. My name is Nenad 26 years old and I am from Croatia. I was 178cm which is short in Croatia believe it or not. Our younger guys are about 184 cm tall and I felt little bit short in my country and i […]


F.B., France

Hi to all!!! I’ ll tell you my experience of my correction of my shape of my legs. I am French, with bilateral genu valgum of 7° and strong femoral anteversion (32°).  I always have pain on my intern side close to my knee because of strong anteversion femoral and it was very difficult for […]


Patient from Turkey, Citizen of the Netherlands

8 months ago, on 27 February 2014, I underwent leg lengthening surgery in Yerevan, Armenia. As a citizen from the Netherlands, country with the tallest people in the world, I was not satisfied with my original height of 5 feet 4 inch (162 cm). I had the time and the money, so the question was […]


Anzhelica, Russia

I am Angelica from Russia. Correction of my curve legs was the biggest dream in my life. I had been thinking over it for a long time and made a decision to do that operation. I had a lot of questions: “Is it worth or not? Is it painful or not?” All my doubts disappeared […]


Q. W.; Bolivia

” I have arrived in Yerevan two months ago and I was very much surprised to find very good facilities for the surgery and treatment, no doubt  I have made an excellent choice. The team lead by Dr. Mirzoyan is extremely dedicated and what I appreciate most is the individual approach. The staff at the hospital […]


R. K., Japan

I was negotiating with Dr. Mirzoyan about a year, before making a decision to come to Armenia to increase my height. First step my right femur and left tibia was lengthened for 3.5 cm. I spent the whole period of lengthening and fixation in stationary. I went home to restore my knee motions and gait. […]


K. T.; Massachusetts, USA

I had my cosmetic limb lengthening surgery done at the YCLLR with Dr. Mirzoyan and his staff. The staff at the hospital was very caring and the hospital itself was clean and well taken care of, definitely up to western standards in my opinion.My stay at the hospital was a very good experience and I […]


James, Australia

My experience at YCLLR and with Dr. Mirzoyan was overwhelmingly positive and now, as it is two years since the operation was performed , I am able to walk, run, jump and do everything that I was able to do at my previous height at completely the same capacity. The experience was definitely worth it and […]