Nenad, Croatia

I did 2 surgeries in Yerevan – Armenia.External Femurs and External Tibias.

My name is Nenad 26 years old and I am from Croatia. I was 178cm which is short in Croatia believe it or not. Our younger guys are about 184 cm tall and I felt little bit short in my country and i was obsessed with height so I was searching for some good Doctor who will do limb lengthening on my short legs. I found out for Doctor Mirzoyan and I send him some short email. He answered me really fast like in 6h or so, after that in some 2-3 days of short emails we went on skype. We talked a little about height and procedures and everything so I decided to go in Armenia and to do LL.

In his team are 3 doctors who are younger then Mirzoyan 2 nurses, 1 manager girl and one older women. People are really nice and I had no problem communicating with all of them. Most of them don’t speak english really good but I am not perfect also as you can see. Doctor Mirzoyan and manager girl speak english really good.

We did ct scan and test my blood and everything else so I was ready to do my external femur surgery. Double femurs are really hard to do but at the end after 4 and a half mounts I removed ilizarov frames from my legs and my femurs wore perfect. I could walk like a normal guy with double ilizarov frames on my femurs and that my bones are growing that fast. So i guess if you walk a lot and if you are active like i was you will compress a little bit more. But i dont recommend you to lay down in your bad or not to be active. I lengthen 4 cm femurs. Few mounts after i finished femur procedure i did double tibias and it was like 10 times easier then femurs. In 4 mounts i removed ilizarov frames from my tibias and they were also perfect. I have had curved tibias so we made them straight and they look a lot nicer now. I did 4.2 cm on tibias.

Final result was that i am now 185cm tall and i look really good. My end results wore perfect and as doctor Mirzoyan said at the end ”in 2 years if someone look at your legs on ct scan he will not know that you did limb lengthening”.

Now when i look back and when i think about my LL i am really satisfied with Mirzoyan and his team and i would suggest everyone to do limb lengthening in Armenia.

I have finished both surgery’s in 9 mounts total so if you want to be that fast and to get great results please listen to doctors,sleep good,dont eat sugar and junk food and be optimally active. And one more thing. Your end result depends on you. Doctor is about 30 % but you are about 70%.Thats my opinion and trust me i know a lot about limb lengthening. Those who had problems are always the laziest people who are just waiting for someone to fix their problem. But they are the problem.

Good luck!