Anzhelica, Russia

I am Angelica from Russia. Correction of my curve legs was the biggest dream in my life. I had been thinking over it for a long time and made a decision to do that operation.

I had a lot of questions: “Is it worth or not? Is it painful or not?”

All my doubts disappeared when I met Doctor Mirzoyan. There was no doubt in Doctor’s professionalism and experience any more, and I decided to go to that surgery.

I want to encourage anyone who has such a problem; “Don’t be afraid! Do it!” Certainly, for a while it is both painful and uncomfortable, but the pain, believe me, is bearable. When you see the result, you even forget the pain. Everything has already passed away successfully, and soon I am going back home with slim and beautiful legs.

I am very grateful to everyone who worked with me. The staff of YCLLR was always responsive and kind to me. I wasn’t left alone even for a second.

Thanks a lot.

Correction of bowlegs YCLLR