F.B., France

Hi to all!!! I’ ll tell you my experience of my correction of my shape of my legs.

I am French, with bilateral genu valgum of 7° and strong femoral anteversion (32°).  I always have pain on my intern side close to my knee because of strong anteversion femoral and it was very difficult for me to run because of muscular pain and very bad balance too.  Anyway, I will have to stay for this bone problem, I wanted to make lengthening on my tibia of about 4cms at the same time.

I consulted in severals contries and finnaly choosed to go to Armenia with Dr Mirzoyan and his staff.  I have talked with Dr Mirzoyan during one year before decide to make surgery, here, in Armenia at YCLLR (Yerevan Center of Limb lengthening and reconstruction).

I arrived in 14 January 2015 in Yerevan for surgery of both leg.  They took time to understand where came from my problems and decided the better solution for me.  In first time, when they checked my legs in a machine, they observed that it was too dangerous to make me a tibia lengthening because of a previous surgery in order to reconstruct my cruciate ligament of my left knee.  So, Dr Mirzoyan and his staff decided to make surgery on my right femur with Ilizarov device to correct anteversion in one time, and after, on my own correct my genu valgum gradually during 10 days.  In order to make me stay no much time for treatment, after 45 days they put me lateral device on my right femur to keep my right femur strong and already begin surgery on leg femur with the same procedure.  Because two Illizarov device on femurs is bulky, it was a good decision to use lateral device because even with 2 devices (Ilizarov on left femur and lateral device on right femur) it was possible to walk.  Make flexion was difficult because of muscular pain, but with friendly and good physiotherapist, even with the Ilizarov device, I was able to reach a flexion of 45°.  One week after they took off the 2 devices, I was able to reach close to 80/90° of flexion.

So now, the pain I had before surgery because of strong femoral is gone.  I will be able to run and stay in stand up position without muscular pain.  Now ten days after they took off the 2 device i can already run a little and i have no pain at all 🙂 🙂 :).  One others things was good, if you need something to buy, persons will go buy for you and doctors are friendly.  Personally, my case wasn’t simple and they did a very good surgery, so I recommend this center for correction of leg deformities.