James, Australia

My experience at YCLLR and with Dr. Mirzoyan was overwhelmingly positive and now, as it is two years since the operation was performed , I am able to walk, run, jump and do everything that I was able to do at my previous height at completely the same capacity. The experience was definitely worth it and Mirzoyan is reasonable in his pricing.

My name is James and I traveled from Australia to Armenia to undertake 2 inches of leg lengthening in the YCLLR clinic under Dr. Mirzoyan and his medical team. The experience lasted about five months in total and I remained in the hospital the entire time for treatment. Under this treatment I managed to attain 2 inches in additional height plus a slight correction of the shape of my legs. Dr. Mirzoyan used the traditional external Ilizarov apparatus in his lengthening procedure. I found his external frame to be very sturdily constructed and very stable. Mirzoyan’s team provided free physical fitness training during duration of treatment which included exercises and daily walking. Not only that Mirzoyan’s medical team provided moral and psychological boosting by taking me as a patient to restaurants and to see the country of Armenia from time to time in order to improve spirits due to the lengthy and oftentimes painful process of leg lengthening. Level of pain experienced during lengthening  was moderate to low, worst during first several weeks but became increasingly more comfortable after that.

After lengthening was concluded and bone was allowed to consolidate pain completely disappeared altogether and it was merely a matter of being patient from then on. Complications that did emerge were very quickly and carefully dealt with so no problems could occur. I did not suffer any infections during time in Armenia due to careful application of disinfectants to prevent them by Mirzoyan’s medical team.

James, former YCLLR and leg lengthening patient