Patient from Turkey, Citizen of the Netherlands

8 months ago, on 27 February 2014, I underwent leg lengthening surgery in Yerevan, Armenia. As a citizen from the Netherlands, country with the tallest people in the world, I was not satisfied with my original height of 5 feet 4 inch (162 cm). I had the time and the money, so

the question was where to go. Which Center is providing the best service and has the best qualified doctors in this field of surgery. After a research of a week I found Dr. Mirzoyan in Yerevan providing this kind of surgeries. I found out that Dr. Mirzoyan was very active in this area, had a lot of experiences and was a student of Dr. Ilizarov. So my decision was made – I booked my flight to Yerevan and arrived there on the 22nd of February.

Finally the day of the surgery came and I had the chance to become taller. The surgery took 2,5 hours. After the surgery they brought me to the intensive care unit, immediately the doctors came to check my situation. What I remember from that time is that I had a little bit dizzy. Beside that the pain was bearable. After staying a couple hours in the intensive care unit they brought me to my room in hospital. After the first night of the operation day by day I felt much better: the pain was decreasing and I tried to adopt myself to my new situation. The fact that I was alone in hospital was maybe more difficult for me that the fact that I had frames on. But the doctor and his staff, of course, visited me every day and asked me how I was feeling. I cannot say how badly I needed people around me and I am so thankful for the great attention that they gave me. I could really see that they do care about their patients. I really trusted all of them. Mentally they helped me a lot: they gave me the feeling that I was not alone there in hospital.

In the beginning I wanted to lengthen my tibia’s for 8 cm but the doctor told me that they would look disproportional and I decided to lengthen my legs for 6 cm. I am very glad that I listen to the doctor’s recommendation not to do more than 6 cm on tibias. Now 8 months after the surgery I can walk totally normally without any problems.