Q. W.; Bolivia

” I have arrived in Yerevan two months ago and I was very much surprised to find very good facilities for the surgery and treatment, no doubt  I have made an excellent choice. The team lead by Dr. Mirzoyan is extremely dedicated and what I appreciate most is the individual approach. The staff at the hospital is very friendly and kind. I have been cared very well.

At the moment I am in the process of distraction on a rented apartment. I was initially nervous because we are lengthening at the same time my left lower and right upper legs however I am able to stand up and walk with crutches with little or not help at all. Treatments and distraction at times it’s painful and although I have painkillers I occasionally take them so I can stand the pain most of the time.

I have almost daily visits from doctors, nurses and therapists not only for monitoring the progress but just visiting myself, it makes the treatment bearable. Sure there are many months ahead but thanks to Dr. Mirzoyan and his team I am certain to have an excellent result.”