Covid-19-YCLLRDear friends, dear potential patients of YCLLR,

The whole world is experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, implementing travel restrictions, and mandatory quarantines and closing borders. A lot of airlines have cancelled their international flights.

We understand and highly appreciate everyone to follow quarantine rules worldwide. Meantime, despite the coronavirus pandemic we continue working and taking care of our patients. If you have made a decision to come to our medical center for any aesthetic or orthopedic treatment, please, consider the following requirements upon arrival in Armenia:

  • Individuals who have recently traveled to affected areas in other countries or who have been exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19 may be asked to self-monitor or self-quarantine for 14 days following arrival or exposure.
  • Travelers who are permitted to enter Armenia are asked to complete health questionnaires and self-quarantine or self-monitor for 14 days. Following quarantine rules and making your stay in Armenia as comfortable as possible, we are ready to provide you with a comfortable apartment; food and other necessary services will be organized according to quarantine rules.
  • During the monitoring or quarantine period, health officials may check individuals’ condition.
  • Individuals exhibiting fever or other symptoms may be hospitalized for a further health assessment or treatment.
  • Currently Armenia has a scheduled flight with Minsk, Belarus and Moscow, Russia, but presumable other international companies are about to open their flights soon.

Thank you