Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Services | YCLLR

Additional-services-limbs-lengthening-surgery-services-armeniaWelcome at airport, and transportation: Our services offer meeting You at the airport and transfer to the hospital, to the apartment and around the city. Airport is located within 15-20 minute distance from the hospital. All you will need is providing us with Your flight number and date and our representative will meet you with a poster.

Housing support: We help to find  nice apartments located within stone-throw distance from to the hospital. All the services related to house maintenance will be included (cleaning, cooking, laundering, cable TV, internet, cell phone and other reasonable services to make Your stay in Armenia comfortable). Considering relatively long lasting period of the treatment and not allowing our visitors to be bored with similar food, we offer a various menu based on local cuisine, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and microelements. We provide our visitors with food supplements that stimulate callus formation (bone metabolism). The menu and food supplements are also included in the cost of accommodation.

Banking services support: To minimize the loss from wiring Your money, we can offer assistance in opening a local temporary accounts in Ameriabank CJSC or any other local bank, which will provide you with ATM card and ease your paying processes.

Interpreters services support (Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, etc.): Most of YCLLR team speaks English and Russian. We also provide many other language interpreters.

Visa extension services: Citizens of most of countries do not need a special approval to enter  Armenia. As a rule,  you will be stamped a visa at the airport with a duration of 4 months, which will cost around $40. After Your visa expiration You may extend the visa for 2 months, paying around $1.5 a day. For more than a half year extension You’ll need to fill out extra documents, which can easily be submitted with our help.

Tours in Yerevan and around Armenia: We are aware of psychological discomfort of patients related to long lasting treatment. To reduce home sickness, and fulfill daily activities, we provide  different tours around  Yerevan and Armenia.