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Height Increase by 12.5 cm

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A Height Increase Surgery An Interview with a Patient


A Wonderful Day in Van Ardy Boutique Winery


In September, 2021 we took our 7 patients from USA, Austria and Japan, who were in the process of treatment, to the amazing Van Ardi Winery. All our patients were in the process of treatment. They all had a lovely time and enjoyed their visit. The guide shared with their history. Van Ardi is one […]


Our patient in the process of treatment

This man was accepted to our clinic with the following diagnosis: DS: gunshot injury of the left leg. The following procedure was performed:  surgical debridement of a gunshot wound, osteosynthesis of Ilizarov device. Currently the patient gets his outpatient treatment, feels good and even goes to work. Here is one photo from his workplace:


4th Combined Congress of the ASAMI-BR & ILLRS


August 28-30 2019, Dr. Mirzoyan participated in the 4th Combined Congress of the ASAMI-BR & ILLRS societies, hosted by the British Limb Reconstruction Society (BLRS) in Liverpool, UK. 2 topics were presented: the junction of aesthetic and orthopedic problems; achievements and problems in aesthetic surgery of legs. Colleagues and experts from around the world joined […]


Unforgettable Day in Van Ardy Boutique Winery


On May 21, our team and 6 patients from Japan, who underwent a limbs lengthening surgery up to 13cm, visited Van Ardi winery. It belongs to an Armenian family who runs boutique winery located in the ancient winemaking region of Aragatsotn, Armenia. During the tour the guide told about the history of Armenian winemaking, their family […]


One more patient from Japan

One more patient from Japan

About 2 weeks ago, we welcomed our 13th patient from Japan. The goal  of his visit is to become 12 cm taller. The pre-surgical clinical and radiological examination revealed varus (“O”-type) deformity of both legs. In the first stage he successfully underwent the following surgery: lengthening over the nail (LON) of the left femur for […]


Congenital Pseudoarthrosis


The 8-year- old patient with congenital pseudoarthrosis   Method: thickening the bone fragments at the healing area by Ilizarov technique, elimination of LLD 6 cm. Application of Ilizarov frames for 6 months.   Long-term follow up – 2 years     Result: perfect gait, full physical activity