“O”-type curve (metaphys)

O”-type metaphysial curve case study
28 y.o. Patient with “O”-type curve and tibia-femur disproportion
Country of residence: Armenia
Method: corrective osteotomy of proximal tibias; application of Ilizarov frame for axis correction and tibias lengthening

O-type-curve-metaphysial-part-ycllr-1 O-type-curve-metaphysial-part-ycllr-1-1
Before the treatment
After osteotomy

In process of lengthening

O-type-curve-metaphysial-part-ycllr-5 O-type-curve-metaphysial-part-ycllr-4
After the treatment

Result: required length of the tibia and shape of legs were achieved. Duration of treatment 4 months.