Cross-Lateral Tibia-Femur Lengthening

This method is indicated if the goal of lengthening is more than 6-7cm. Cross lateral tibia femur lengthening is a two stage procedure. This is because although the simultaneous lengthening of tibias is a relatively easy procedure for patients, the bulkiness of the Ilizarov/hybrid frame makes simultaneous femur lengthening very uncomfortable, and nearly impossible for the patient. That is why we lengthen one tibia and one cross lateral (opposite) femur in the first stage. After the first period of extraction, the length of the legs is the same, but the knee joint level is different. Between the two stages of lengthening a period of rehabilitation is necessarily, which usually lasts one to three months. After restoration of joint ROM (bending the knee at least 90 degrees and 90 degree foot dorsal flexion), the opposite tibia and femur are lengthened, as it can be seen in the diagram.